Over the last 10 years I’ve developed a series of products that are optimised for Australian farming conditions.

Having worked as a fencing contractor in many rural parts of Australia and Canada, I’ve seen first hand the frustrations that farmers experience where fencing is concerned.

  • protecting grazing land and crops from access by feral animals;
  • keeping livestock safe;
  • dealing with the rising cost of fencing materials and labour.

Growing up in a farming family on a property in Tumut at the base of the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales, I have always loved working on the land.

One job I liked and was particularly good at was fencing, a job that ended up seeing me join a rural fencing contractor. Hard work, but it gave me the opportunity to see the country and in particular our unique natural endowment in ways that would surprise people from the city. An average run of fencing would be around 120km in 3 or 4 months.  This was pretty normal, usually with only two or three guys on the team. This gave me a real insight into how the materials and fencing systems we chose could work for or against us once the kilometres started adding up.

I spent time working in the Kimberley’s near Fitzroy Crossing. The boss, a man in charge of this huge remote outpost, is still to this day one of the hardest men I’ve ever worked for.  He taught me a lot of life lessons that I still hold close to this day. He was a man who knew how to get the best out of people.  The main lesson he taught me was “if you do something, do it well and don’t waste time doing it.”

After a few years of this I ended up in Canada and started a similar business, fencing in the Canadian way.

Eventually moving back home, I started my own fencing business and set to work on a number of large fencing contracts in and around regional NSW. During this time it became clear to me that there was a better way. Not just in the way fencing was done but also with the type of materials used and their unit cost.

I’m incredibly proud of what High Jump Fencing has to offer fencing contractors and farmers, in terms of affordability and ease of use.  If I had products such as these available when I was fencing long runs, I know that my job would have been so much easier.

If you have questions about how our products can solve a problem on your property, please contact us, we are always happy to have a yarn.

Cameron French