High Jump Fence Extender®Left Angled Extension - 60cmBlack$7.20Each
High Jump Fence Extender®Right Angled Extension - 60cmBlack$7.20Each
High Jump Fence Extender®Vertical Extension - 60cmBlack$6.80Each
Fence Boot®60cmBlack$2.50Each
ElectraFence Pinlock Insulator®Fits 2.5mm wireBlack$60.00Bag of 100
Steel Posts165cmBlack$4.40Each
Steel Posts165cmGal$6.00Each
Steel Posts180cmBlack$4.80Each
Steel Posts180cmGal$6.30Each
Steel Posts210cmBlack$5.50Each
Steel Posts210cmGal$7.00Each
Steel Posts240cmBlack$5.80Each
Steel Posts240cmGal$7.30Each


 PRICE INC GST per 1PRICE INC GST per 1 (in pack of 160)PRICE INC GST per 1 (in pack of 640)PRICE INC GST per 1 (in pack of 200)PRICE INC GST per 1 (in pack of 600)
R & L Post Extension$7.20$6.80$6.50N/AN/A
Vertical Post Extension$6.80N/AN/A$6.00$5.80


Dominic and Vicki Burden had a four barb wire, four foot fence on their property “Macsland” at Longreach in Queensland. Using the vertical post extensions, they were able to turn their existing fence into an 180cm high exclusion fence for $3,407.50 per kilometre, which gives them a lot left over to spend on other improvements to their property.

When Dominic was asked whether he was happy with the result, he said “I’m extremely happy with the way it turned out.  It’s a strong fence that also acts as a big visual deterrent to roos because of the extra height. Having extra post height available above the netting, also gives me more room to add extra barb wires, which should discourage wild dogs from climbing over the fence should they be tempted to try. It’s a great way to extract value from existing fencing.”

Dominic Burden

Dominic Burden

Where can I buy High Jump Fencing products ?

They are currently available direct from High Jump Fencing in Tumut NSW and our warehouse in Toowoomba. To order contact Cameron on 0429 466 122 or by email.